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    They’re here…iPad Reviews!

    by Andres, My daily Cafe Contributor

    Twitter: @AndresWalters

    It’s finally in the hands of anxious customers; three million to be exact. The iPad has made its debut!

    We first reported all the features that would be included in the new gadget including a crisper screen resolution as well as 4G capabilities. Now, the reviews are in! While most of the feedback from customers has been positive, I dug a little deeper to find the handful of negative reviews.

    The display was the main eye catcher with the new iPad, but it also has its drawbacks. Users are reporting that it takes a lot more battery power for the display to run, causing it to lack sufficient battery life. For those of you who are constantly playing games on it, beware as it’s reported to reach hot temperatures. And finally, those users who were looking forward to a fully improved built in speech diction, well you’re going to have to wait till’ the next one. While it can comprehend short quick sentences without a problem, it still presented difficulties with being dictated long paragraphs.

    All in all the new iPad is definitely a worth while investment. The positive reviews and features greatly outweigh the negative.