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    The World Says Goodbye to Whitney Houston

    by, Andres
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    This past weekend was a tragic one for the world. The death of Whitney Houston came as a surprise to many. At 6:55 pm eastern time, she was pronounced dead after supposedly being found submerged underwater in her bathtub.

    Houston, who had been battling a drug and alcohol addiction for quite some time now, was staying at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles to attend a pre-Grammy party hosted by Clive Davis. She was seen out the night before with her daughter Bobbie at a nightclub celebrating a friends birthday, drinking and even taking the stage to sing.

    On the night of Clive Davis party Whitney had just gotten off the phone with her mother about 30 minutes before one of the members of her entourage found her unconscious in the bathtub. He immediately called hotel security and firefighters who already were in the hotel and quickly responded. They tried for 20 minutes to resuscitate her, but failed and pronounced her dead at 3:55 Pacific Time.

    Hours later Whitney’s daughter was rushed to the hospital due to anxiety and her family feared she was suicidal. She was later released and reportedly still not doing well, but stable.

    Details emerged later on of her death reporting that Xanax was found in the hotel room, and that it was a possibility that alcohol was involved as well. A fill autopsy was conducted and the coroners office is not releasing an official cause of death until the toxicology  report comes back which will take 6 to 8 weeks.

    Whitney’s family is holding a private funeral in Newark, New Jersey this Saturday. Stay tuned to My Daily Cafe for any emerging details on Whitney Houstons death.