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    The night begins with Botran® Rum

    The night begins with Botran® Rum
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    A evening under the Miami sky where music mogul Emilio Estefan met Guatemala’s hidden treasure: Botran® Rum

    With the Cardozo Hotel as the main setting for the evening, Emilio Estefan, multi award winning producer and Grammy winner, joined a small group of friends and VIPs for the kick off of his new campaign with Botran® Rum. The campaign furthers the sentiment that Botran® Rum perfectly complements life’s most memorable moments. Known for his quality productions and fine taste, Emilio has once again discovered another element in Botran® Rum to enhance our cherished experiences. The acclaimed industry icon has expressed his respect for the deeply rooted tradition that the Botran® family has committed itself to.

    I got to try all of them, the Reserva, aged up to 15 years, the Solera 1893, aged up to 18 years, and the younger Reserva Blanca, aged only 3 years.
    Like Emilio said, at a point during the night,: “The more you drink, the better I sound.”

    Its was definitely a night to enjoy great music, friendship and why not a couple of drinks!
    Cheers!  @MyDailycafe contributor @Lauramejiacruz

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