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    The Force is Female

    The Force is female

    I love this Nike created this so every time we fall we know we can get up!


    We are a new generation.
    A generation born with an realness.
    A braveness.
    A force.
    A bond that ties us together.
    But never holds us down.
    It’s an undeniable boundary that defies definition.
    A reminder that we are never finished.
    Yet always complete.
    From the courts to the streets,
    We were put here to disrupt.
    Made legends because we will not exist within the lines.
    We prove that vulnerability is not the same as weakness.
    Flawed not the same as imperfect.
    It’s a power in our every step. A refusal to stop.
    It’s that rule-breaking, decision-making, name taking, don’t give a damn in all of us.
    It’s never one thing. It’s everything.
    It’s who we are. As one. As all.
    It’s the force.