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    The Best Black Friday Deals!

    by, Andy Legends, My Daily Cafe Contributor 

    Twitter: @AndyLegends









    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today’s a day all about family and friends so remember to be thankful. 

    Also, don’t forget to be thankful of the fact that most of the stores this black Friday open at 12 am! I dug through a couple websites and found the best tech deals, so here you go! 

    -55 inch Samsung Smart Tv for $799 (originally $1,499) 

    -Dells Ultra book $799 (originally $950)

    -70 inch Vizio HD Tv  $1,699.99 (originally $1,999.99)

    -13 inch Macbook Air $1,099 (originally $1,299.) 

    -Microsoft Office home for mac $80 (originally $120) 

    -Samsung Galaxy 3 for less than a dollar at Best Buy. 

    -a free 75 dollar gift card with the purchase of a regular priced iPad.