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    Tech nerds galore: The new iPad

    by Andres, My Daily Cafe Contributor

    Twitter: @AndresWalters

    Apple recently revealed their new “iPad” stressing the fact that it’s not an iPad 3, simply just a new iPad. What’s the difference? Not much, but definitely enough to make you switch over from the 2.

    The new iPad 3 has a retina display and is said to show photos in a more “crisp” resolution. It has a faster processor, 5 mega pixel camera, rock solid Wi-Fi connection, great battery life and the first apple product to have 4G capability.

    One of the lucky first users reported that after two hours of web and email, the battery life was still measuring at over 80 percent capacity. Experts describe the difference between the previous Ipad model and this one as, “huge.” The New York Times review said “Apple just took its white hot iPad and added the latest screen, battery and cellular technology.”

    If you’re a consistent user of your iPad 2 it’s recommended that you upgrade to the new iPad, while less frequent users are advised to stay with their current one.