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    Rent the Runway: The Glamour

    Long gone are the days of gazing at jaw dropping designer gowns while only fantasizing of being able to afford them, nonetheless wear any to a fancy event. Unless you have a wealthy aunt or friend who is willing and generous enough to lend you one, high-end fashion’s steep prices make wearing name brand dresses unattainable to most women – until now, that is.
    Enter Rent The Runway, brainchild of Harvard Business School classmates, Jennifer Hymann and Jennifer Fleiss, who like us wanted the luxury of being able to look glamorous and experiment with different brands without the financial burden of having to invest their modest earnings in piece after piece. From this, RTR was born, successfully allowing women access to over 150 designers of gowns and accessories hot off the runway or from the newly launched vintage collection for a fraction of their retail price.
    From movies, to vehicles, to real estate, people more and more in today’s economic state are opting to rent over owning – a mindset that seems to be morphing in to a thing of the past.  And in the case of garments that will probably only end up being worn once anyway, why not?
    Here’s how simple it is, minutes after opening your account on www.RentTheRunway.com:
    1. Select your dream dress (in 2 sizes)– with Designers like Badgley Mischka and Proenza Schouler to choose from and prices ranging from $50 – $200, this might prove to be the hardest task at hand
    2. Select additional accessories (jewelry, handbags, spanx, beauty products) to compliment your dress and finish off your look
    3. Select the date you want it to arrive (up to 6 months in advance) and keep it for 4 or 8 days. Next day delivery through the U.S.
    5. Put it in the pre-paid envelope that’s included in your shipment and drop it in the mailbox…voila!
    Marvel no more. Delivering Cinderella moments is what this company prides itself in and similar to Disney World they’re doing a fantastic job at making dreams come true.
    Authored by: Liliana Lopez @lilianalopez11