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    Model Latina Premieres May 28th











    Model Latina is a fun, sexy reality show and nuvoTV’s best kept secret. Filmed in South Beach, it promises to be the most exciting season ever! Beaches, fashion, celebrity judges and Latina flair sum up this season’s fun in the sun venture.  Just what the summer needed pretty girls competing in format of fierce judges in hot Miami!

    The competition aspect of Model Latina is entertaining, and viewers are likely to find some of the characters interesting and engaging. Contestants come from a variety of Latin Countries and socioeconomic backgrounds, and several talk about seeing modeling as a way to overcome their difficult circumstances. This nod to diversity is a step forward month the other model shows on tv and has the potential of creating talking points for parents and teens — highlighting the very different and unique faces of beauty.

    Model Latina is a must-see television series, Model Latina fans will need to stick around for  entire episode to watch it, if for no other reason than it gives them a chance to see more of  Miami hot hosts Ines Rivero and Carlos Ponce and the sexy beaches of South Florida — and the often “dramatic” model selection rounds in which the judges choose who they want to win for the following week.

    The show is very well produced and gives off  a very sexy Miami hip vibe. Model reality shows are a fascinating process that makes it clear how much skill is involved in modeling — Models lets us watch, well, models … who basically walk down the runway and back. They have their own distinct personalities, yes. And most have far more going on for them than their looks. Beauty has many faces and shows such as Model Latina highlight and explore beauty among Latin nations and teach us all how individual beauty really is.

    Sneak Peak video for you to enjoy:  http://bit.ly/J3qu8J
    Meet the Cast video: http://bit.ly/J3qu8J


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