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The next iPhone will boast a bigger screen! Rumors say YES!

The next iPhone will boast a bigger screen, according to the tech rumor mill, and it’s expected to see the light of day very soon. Apple’s WWDC developer conference is right around the corner (June 2-6), but we’re expecting the iPhone 6 news to arrive sometime in September 2014, which is traditional of most Apple mobile device releases. But, you never know, Apple is certainly one for surprises.

What should you expect from the next-generation iOS smartphone? Probably something a lot like the iPhone 6 concept below, by Behance user Edgar Rios. It’s rumored to have slightly thinner hardware and a larger, wider screen. Read on for all of the iPhone 6 speculation around the web!

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About that bigger screen — 9to5 Mac spotted leaked photos from an iPhone 6 production plant that show an iPhone 4S next to the new mold, which is about 4.7 inches, about the same size as the iPhone 5S. This means that the screen, if larger, would bleed all the way to the edge like in the above concept design.
Thinner — Leaked photos from a supposed Foxconn plant made their way onto Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. The images show a much thinner aluminum-looking chassis that wraps around a rounded edge, similar to the design of the iPod Touch.
Two sizes — The Wall Street Journal reported that the new iPhone will be available in two sizes: one with a 4.5-inch screen and a larger version with a 5-inch display. Will the smaller size be called the iPhone mini or the iPhone 6C? If this report is accurate, the plastic backing of the current iPhone 5C will be replaced by metal casing.
iOS 8 — A new operating system may ship with the new phone. An iOS app codenamed Healthbook, a fitness-focused app, surfaced earlier this year, and many believe that the new app will ship with iOS 8.