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    JenCarlos Canela Takes Tide® to the Cleaners

    Dirty laundry.

    We all have it.

    We all have to clean it.

    Thanks to the laundry detergent pioneers at Tide®, our time spent washing clothes can now be cut short with the brand’s latest and most innovative product to hit stores yet – the Tide® Pods™. Can I get a woot woot?

    Photo Credit: Tide/Fleishman

    JenCarlos Canela, celebrity spokesperson, took it to the streets of Hialeah to introduce these three-chamber unit dose laundry detergent single pacs or “pods” to fellow Hispanic consumers and fans in (where else?) a local laundromat.

    I sat down with the (ready for this)…new father, actor/singer, Guinness World Record-breaker, Venue Magazine’s cover boy and recently crowned King of Carnaval Miami…(phew!) to discuss the partnership and his recent feats.

    JenCarlos Canela and Liliana Lopez (MyDailyCafe.com)

    Talk to us a little bit about this collaboration that you’re doing with Tide.

    We’ve been very selective when it comes to representing brands and products. I believe this is only the 2nd one we’ve done in years and the reason why is because we don’t just say, “yes” to a product. We study it, we try it, and if we’re going to promote something we want It to be sincere and something that we believe in and that people are going to be able to get some sort of benefit from it. First of all, washing clothes is very time consuming and this saves a lot of time. It’s very convenient and I think that it’s something modern, it’s something new and it’s cool, I like it. I feel identified with it and that’s why we decided to represent.

    Smells good too, huh?

    It does, it does. And the smell…the reason why Tide is a little more up there when it comes to prices is because the smell on your clothes when you wash it lasts a lot, a lot longer than any other detergent.

    You were just crowned King of Carnaval Miami. Congratulations, what a great honor that must be.

    I’m honored because if you analyze the other king and queens of carnaval before me, it’s an honor to be mentioned within that bracket and within those names – very big names. It feels great to be the head of a festival that symbolizes what a Hispanic community should be like on a worldwide level, which is unity. You see a united Hispanic community in calle ocho. You see people from all over the place…all different cultures, all different countries and backgrounds and you can’t even tell. You see a huge crowd of people just there celebrating and having a good time with each other and that’s what it’s about. That’s how it should always be, not just once a year at a festival on 8th street.

    You were also recognized recently for breaking a Guinness World Record, talk to us about that.

    We’re in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yes, that’s crazy. You know the law of attraction, if you believe something and you attract it to your life with your thoughts and your energy, it comes true. So for many years my dad always said, “I want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records one day” and you know we would always mess around with him and tell him, “we’re going to make it happen for you dad, we’re going make it happen for you”. So along with him, and something that I’ve been promoting for years now, which is one world, one love, one religion, one race – this whole unity thing – we had the idea of grabbing all the flags of the world every single flag of the world and bringing them together and we eventually came up with making a huge number one out of flags. And that’s how we got the record. It’s the biggest flag banner in the world and we made it happen.

    By Liliana Lopez

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