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    Mariah Carey
    Hard Rock Live – Miami


    I just had to see Mimi!

    Mariah is one of those artists you just have to see at least one time in your life performing in a concert. She was definitely one of the most significant voices and performers at her time in the early 90s when she not only conquers the Sony Music label but also conquer Tommy Mottolas heart. Now married to Nick Cannon – and simply another person – Mariah is at a different stage in her life. Mimi is still acting like a DIVA but enjoying the real moments in life.

    Ok, back to the concert…
    The Hard Rock live was packed! Believe me, it was the only time I saw it so full and with such a great energy. People from all ages and genders… people just wanting to enjoy a little bit of Mariah. Lately I had see Gloria Estefan, Journey and Lionel Ritchie. Dressed up like if she was attending her “Sweet 16th”- the concert started. Bad dress choice in my opinion, but who cared! She was looking wonderful and singing LIVE!
    Champagne in hand – she glanced from side to side of the stage throwing kisses to everyone and thanking everyone who came to see her.

    Emotions, Always Be My Baby, and the powerful Hero just to name a few where some of the songs MC shared that night with her fans. Changing dresses for 4 times, Mimi gave her best on stage. She laughed, told jokes to people, acted funny and sang like the old times. A perfect voice, sweet and powerful simply took over the arena that Thursday night.